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Lagos is an ancient city and one of the most popular in Africa. The City is the commercial capital of Nigeria.. It is ideal for business people to see the numerous markets in Lagos and understand the kind of demand the Nigeria market offers their product and services. For tourists, it is ideal for water sports and shopping

We offer Flights to Lagos Nigeria from all major UK airports, with all the leading Airlines. Our flights to lagos packages experts always love to receive your calls, e mails or live chat to book your Lagos flights with quality services to make your travel pleasant. Flights to Lagos is the most populous conurbation in Nigeria and the second most populous in Africa after Cairo. Formerly the capital of Nigeria, Lagos is a huge metropolis which originated on islands such as Lagos Island, separated by creeks, fringing the south-west of Lagos, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by long sand spits such as Bar Beach which stretch up to 100 km east and west of the mouth.

Famous places in Lagos

The beaches are great for exploration. Beaches outside of town are long desolate stretches of sand with tall cliffs that are excellent for privacy. Many sea caves can be explored during low tide. Lagos

Lagos Beach, PortugalWalking along Estr. da Ponta da Piedade a few hundred meters before the lighthouse, (after passing a café and Camila beach on your left), find a concrete fencepost on your right decorated with a spray painted eye, mouth, and two teeth. Enter the path it marks, which will take you to the edge of the cliff. A bit north (to your right) there is a cove accessible only by boat or by a rather narrow hidden mud slope with a rope pegged to the top. There are a number of beautiful, although perhaps dangerous, walks along the top of the cliffs.

Boat tours of the grottos - leave from the harbor for 10 Euros / person

There is also the Praia da Batata in Lagos (right across the main road) which is absolutely beautiful.

You can go on a motorbike and sidecar tour with Sidecar Experience; a breathtaking way to take in the wonderful scenery of South West Portugal

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